Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions...  
  Why would I want the Nifty Lifty™?
The Nifty Lifty™ provides an easy and more sanitary way to lift and lower the toilet seat, without having to touch it. With all the germs present on the toilet seat, why would you not want the Nifty Lifty? Please see all the benefits of the Nifty Lifty™ on our Product Info page.

How does the Nifty Lifty™ attach to the toilet seat?
The Nifty Lifty™ uses very strong tape to stick to the bottom of the toilet seat. The tape creates a strong, lasting bond to the toilet seat.

Will the Nifty Lifty™ come off?
No. As long as the Nifty Lifty™ was NOT attached to a toilet seat with a curved bottom or a toilet seat made of padded vinyl, the Nifty Lifty™ will not come off under normal and proper use.

Will the Nifty Lifty™ poke my leg when I'm sitting on the toilet seat?
No. Toilet seats are typically below the knee level, therefore when the user is seated the leg will be elevated above the Nifty Lifty™. In some case where the user's leg rests on the Nifty Lifty™, the smooth design of the handle should not cause any discomfort.

Will the Nifty Lifty™ slip out of my hand?
No. The patented design of the Nifty Lifty™ allows the user to grip the peanut shaped handle, therefore locking it in the palm.

Do you make a portable clip-on model?
No. Our research has shown that people do not want to put something in their pocket or purse that touched the toilet seat. Also, the risk of transferring germs from the seat to a clip-on handle to the pocket or purse and eventually into the home is too great.

Who do I call if I have a problem with the Nifty Lifty™?
Please go to our contact page here to email us.

Who do I call about my order?
If you have a question about your credit card statement please call CCNOW at (877)226-6977. If you any questions about the Nifty Lifty please go to our contact page here.